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Dominator Woolpress

Dominator Woolpress SB model

Standard Model $19,650inc GST + Freight

'S' Model $20,300inc GST + Freight 

*Please contact us 08 8321 9155 for price and a quote on freight to your location.

Safety - Full safety bar, solid fixed and tamper proof

Height Transportable height: 1870mm
               Platen Lowered: 1870mm
               Platen Raised:  2375mm
               Total Width:   900mm

Weight 575kgs

Loading Can be loaded from both sides

Type of Scales Large digital read out, solid load cell, ability to be read from both sides.

Pressing Force 13.5 Tonnes. Bale weight produced, 170-200 kg according to wool type

Hydraulic Pump  - Internally enclosed 3 stage pump (Cleaner, Quieter, Cooler performance)

Bale Removal Simple non-mechanized removal with hinged side. This allows the bale to remain upright for easy removal with Bale Trolley.

Wheel Size  - 8 inch

Assembly  - 4 step assembly procedure

Transportation  - Press can be moved about on its own wide wheels and jockey wheel. Fits easily through standard doorways.

Pinning System  - Corner pinning does not pierce the wool pack so it does not allow any contamination into the wool. Dominator can be cycled with a wool pack in the bottom chamber with no damage to the wool pack.

Motor 240 volt 4HP electric motor operating at 1440 rpm with 15amp plug

Dominator "S" Woolpress

Dominator Woolpress S model

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